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Beng Bengs, Pulau Masokut aka Nyang Nyang Island , Sumatra, Katurei, Seberut Bar. Daya, North Mentawai Islands, Sumatera Barat 25393, Indonesia

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Cultural Tours

Siberut Island has a unique nature including one of the most preserved primitive tribe in the world. Our co-owner and founder Delvino Sabolak has been operating his own travel agency for more than 10 years Born and bred in Mentawai Islands, his local knowledge and relationships with local tribes will take you to the best places. We can organize trekking and hiking adventures for cultural sharing and family fun..

Learn how to perform the traditional dance (animals, war dance and gratitude to nature)   and  traditional ceremonies.  Mentawai is one of the best place to conduct an Ethnographic study since it’s one of the oldest tribe in  Indonesia.

Mentawai Island tattoo is the oldest in the world using materials from  nature.

Some other activities might include “Process the sago” (Mentawaian daily food), staple food made from the sawdust of the tree, make bow and arrows and poison for it, If any ritual or something to celebrate they go hunting.
The women usually go fishing in the river. Children will also be able to participate in those activities (fishing, hunting practice, roof making, etc.).
Mentawaian traditional dance have many different styles mostly inspired by the animals (monkey, birds, snakes…)
For your trip, our Mentawaian Guide will ask what sort of dance style you would like to enjoy so the head of clan can suggest who should perform of the dance.
You can also request what other traditional activities you would like to see.
This new source of income, supported by traditional living will promote cultural preservation.

** Please note these are not single day trips and would be required to be booked prior to arrival at an additional cost